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Free Baby Show Games


Give your favorite books to baby!

How To Play: Ask each guest to bring along their favorite book from when they were a child, during the babyshower each guest presents the mum to be with their book and share why it was the favorite book. By the end the Mum to be will have a wonderful collection of much loved books for her new baby.


Baby Tray Game

This is a great game to test your memory skills 

You will need: A tray, lots of baby items, pens and paper

How To Play: Put lots of baby items on a tray, walk around the room with the tray in your hand.  Each guest gets to look at the tray for 2 minutes. Now leave the room after everybody has a chance to look at the tray & each person will try to write down all the items that were on the tray. Each guest gets 1 point for each correct answer and the guest who identifies the most correct items wins a prize!


What's your Name?

You will need: Name Tags & Piggy Bank

How To Play:  Each guest gets a name tag that has a baby name on it & during the shower, everyone must call other people by their new baby name rather than their real name.  Whoever calls the person by their real name instead of the baby name has to put €1.00 on the piggy bank.  The mum to be gets the piggy bank at the end of the shower!


Celeb Babies

Try to identify famous celebrities and their babies

You will need:  Celebrity photos & baby pictures

How To Play: Find pictures of celebrities and their babies. Place the pictures on a table.  Each guest needs to match the celebrity pictures with their baby pictures. You could also add a twist to this game by asking your guests to also match a baby photo of the celebrity to the current photo of the celebrity?




Baby Shower Games on your mobile device.

Now-a-days owning a mobile phone seems essential, be it to make calls or use it's vast arrar of features from social media tools to online games.  With this in mind (and as a team who live with their iPhones/Androids close to hand) we thought it very worth while to review what is available for Baby Showers.

Here's a selection of what we found.



DevicThe Baby Shower Game - Iphonee: iPhone App


Planning the perfect baby shower? Here is the app you are looking for. From the creators of, the number one Baby Shower resource on the internet, this app will guide everyone in your party through a fun baby shower themed game with trivia questions, scavenger hunts, and charades. Get everyone involved with lots of laughs and lots of fun.

Have fun and don’t forget to let the mommy-to-be win!


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Our verdict:

We found this game very addictive and enjoyed playing it within the office team - It's certainly worth your downloading on your iPhone to give you a feel of how fun Baby Shower games can be.

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