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Baby Show Games

The beginning of the baby shower is the best time for socialising.  Most people are going to begin doing this right away anyway as they arrive & introduce themselves, so you might as well allow everyone to linger and chat. They will want to greet one another and talk with the mother to be about her pregnancy. 

Next on the agenda for most people will be the food. Food is always expected, but just because it is expected it doesn’t mean that it has to be elaborate. Food can be simple finger foods & cupcakes.  These are the easiest and guests can eat them while they mingle. 

After the food will come the games.

Baby shower games are fun and there is no an end to the options available, they are a great way to break the ice and get everyone talking. Just about any game can be revamped into a baby shower game. If the guests are a fun group of people, you can play several different games. Just remember that you will need a little surprise for the winners, a nice bar of chocolate or a scented candle would be an ideal gift.

A few games include:

• How big is Bump! : All guests will write down their guess and then the mother will be measured. The closest guess wins!

• Fill up a baby bottle with jelly beans & have the guests guess how many are in there.

• Guess the Flavor: This is a fun game. Everyone has had some experience with baby food and we all know that we don’t want to eat it! Well this game involves peeling the labels off the jars and then having your guests guess the flavors. Provide small spoons just in case they are brave and want to take a taste!!

• Dirty Nappy Game: This game involves some preparation. Take small napkins or pieces of linen and wrap them like baby diapers. All but one of the nappies should have a piece of candy in it. There is one nappy that will have a squirt of mustard in it (the dirty nappy!) All guests will choose a nappy. Of course, the one who chooses the dirty nappy will get a big laugh, so be sure to give her a treat as well.

For lots of other games and ideas check out our baby shower games page here

If games do not seem appropriate for the group, plan on a project instead. Have everyone work on a project that will be given to the mother to be at the end of the party. This may be a scrapbook, a video documentary, a quilt or even a simple Teddybear that everyone signs their name on.

If men are coming to the baby shower, you will want to plan more of a BBQ type get together. They may not want to play the baby shower games that women are accustom to. On the other hand, you may be able to get them in on some of the fun if they are willing. 

If people have brought the Mum to be gifts, the opening of the gifts is typically last on the list of things to do & is definitely the highlight of the event, especially from the mother’s point of view.  Some people like the Mum to be to sit in the middle with her guests around her as she opens the gifts whilst others will thank their guests for there gift and open them in private after the Baby Shower.  The hostess should be available to write down all of the gifts and the guests name so that the mother can send her thank you cards later.

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