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What is a Baby Shower?

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A Baby Shower is a party held to celebrate the coming birth of a new baby.  The Mum-to-Be is “showered” with gifts and favours.  Baby Showers are hugely popular in America and UK but now they’ve hit Ireland!  Read on to discover how to plan the perfect Baby Shower . . .


Who Organises the Baby Shower?

Baby Showers are traditionally girls only affairs and anyone can host it except the Mum-to-Be.

Baby Showers can be organised by friends, work and colleagues, relatives . . . and although it’s meant only to be for the girls, it’s becoming more popular for husbands and partners to come along as well.


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When should it take place?

Sometime in the last trimester, about a month before the due date is usually a good time.  It's best to consult with the Mum-to-Be to make sure that it doesn't clash with any prior appointments she may have. 


Where should it take place?

It can be anywhere you want it to be – apart from the Mum-to-Be’s house. Baby Showers are normally held at the home of the hostess but you could think about other venues such as local restaurants or hotels.


What you’ll need:BabyShower Picture


Baby Shower Party Supplies

Themed invitations, balloons, napkins, cups, plates, table cloths, confetti, banners and decorations.  We have a range of matching party supplies to choose from:

Baby Clothes   Vintage Chic  Mod Mum   Wild Safari – Pink & Blue

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Baby Shower Gifts and Favours

These are baby themed gifts for your guests to take as a memento of your Baby Shower party and include candles, soaps, photo frames, notepads, badges, cookie cutters . . .


Baby Shower Games

Don’t forget to plan some games to entertain the guests!  Our best sellers are:

My Waters Just  Broke  Baby Trivia Game  Decorate a Bib and Advice Cards

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Nappy Cakes

Nappy Cakes are the perfect present for a Mum-to-Be and are packed full of products that a new Mum will need:  Pampers Nappies, baby bottles, soothers, booties, mitts, socks, baby blankets and muslin squares.




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Food and Drink:

If you are hosting the Baby Shower from your home and have quite a few people coming then a buffet or finger foods are the easiest and quickest option . . .  and of course don't forget a selection of yummy cup cakes! 

There are certain foods that pregnant women are advised to avoid such as soft cheese (brie or mould-ripened cheeses like stilton) and pâté, so it is best to check your menu with the Mum-to-Be. 



You can find lots more helpful tips on my Blogs:


We wish you a SUCCESSFUL BabyShower Celebration - Do tell us how you get on!


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