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Should Your Other Half Have A Baby Stag?

Should Your Other Half Have A Baby Stag?

Should Your Other Half Have A Baby Stag?

Should Your Other Half Have A Baby Stag? Give the daddy-to-be a chance to celebrate the new arrival with his very own Baby Stag.

Girls, we all know what a baby shower involves. It is a chance to get all your close friends and family together to celebrate your little bundle of joy entering the world. You gather around, eat some delicious treats, play some fun games and make the mum-to-be feel extra special. If you didn't know already, we love them!

However, how does the daddy-to-be celebrate? There is so much focus on the mummy (and rightly so) but doesn't the daddy deserve a little party too? This is where the Baby Stag comes in.

What is a Baby Stag?

A Baby Stag is where the dad-to-be can head out with his friends and have fun before the little one arrives. This is often looked at as his 'last send off'. The group can keep this Baby Stag as low key or wild as they please. Something tells us his friends will want to keep it more on the wild side however! This party is modeled after the traditional stag party that takes place before a wedding. Drinks will be had, questionable dance moves will be thrown and heads will be sore the next day.

If your other half is in need of some inspiration here are a list of great ideas for the day/night;

  • BBQ (if the sun is out)
  • Paintball
  • Bowling
  • Brewery Tour
  • Comedy Show
  • Or simply head out for some pizza and beers

Would your other half have a Baby Stag girls? They should really have a celebration just like we do! If her has had a Baby Stag, tell us on our Facebook or Twitter.


Our Top Three Products in June 2017


Our Top Three Products In June 2017

According to our delightful customers! Our customers are the only judge that matters in this case, and they get to decide. If you think otherwise, feel free to comment on the blog below. :) They range from cards to decor to sweet gifts for Mummy To Be and baby. No one gets left out in our product range, not even the guests at the baby shower. :) We hope that you will all enjoy our top three products of the month! Enjoy the baby shower.

Goodies galore!


Mum To Be Card

This is the perfect card to give to a Mummy To Be and can be the perfect accompaniment to a gift, if you are attending the baby shower. Or if you just wanted something lovely to send on after hearing her exciting news. The message inside reads as follows: Enjoy this special time. :) 'Dream, Plan, Shop' , is what the small text reads by the bump on the front of the card. Such a sweet card!

That is a good list there, Mum To Be!


Modern Stroller Bingo Game

Okay, people, it's time for some fun and laughter. Let's start the Bingo game. :) Modern Stroller is a very chic range and adds style to any baby shower. It is perfect for any Mum To Be at her baby shower due to it's fresh and neutral colours. We recommend that you all play now. :)

Fun, friendship and laughter awaits you!


Vintage Chic Napkins

Napkins are a simple way to add some colour and style to any do, and baby showers are no different. No matter if you want a simple or complicated affair, your guests will love these stylish vintage chic napkins as they enjoy the delicious food that you have prepared. :) Yum yum!

Mum To Be, you still got style!


Top Three Products Verdict.

These are perfect for any baby shower. We love our customer's picks this month. And why not tell us what you love! :)

For more info on our Mum To Be cardModern Stroller Bingo GameVintage Chic Napkins, any of our products and ideas, drop us a line at




We All Need More Cupcakes In Our Lives

Woman eating cupcakes

Cupcakes-Yum Yum!

Hello parents to be!  We know that hosting a baby shower involves some planning and it is nice to find ways to make some aspects of that easier. So cupcakes are a lovely way to add colour and decor...before you eat them that is! Ask the Mummy To Be what kind of ideas she would like to see at the baby shower...Pin, pin, pin! Who else loves Pinterest? :) And they are just so adaptable-you really can make them to your taste and to suit any theme that you have in mind. Enjoy the sweetness. A perfect baby shower!



Baby Necessities

How cute would these be at a baby shower? It would be so hard to eat them-we would just want to keep them forever. All of baby essentials are present with these cupcakes and you can always add more essentials. Vaseline, Sudocrem, Gripe Water and Calpol anyone? :) How talented is your baker and would they like a challenge? :)

The simple things in life are the, sleep and bubble baths!


Vintage Style

For the girls who would love the idea of a Vintage Tea Party, it is time to bring out your creative side for some baking. Once you are finished, get dressed up in all of your finery and go for tea.  We think a Vintage Tea Party is a delightful way to celebrate a baby shower and these sweet treats would compliment this theme perfectly.

Yes darling, I would love something sweet!


Our Cupcake Results

Are you ready for the cupcake verdict? Seriously yummy. We love that you can make and design them any way that you like! What would you like for your baby shower?

For more details on Vintage Tea Party activity, any of our products or ideas, drop us a line at


So Many Mocktails, So Little Time

Raise A Toast

Mmmm, Delicious Mocktails!

We just can't resist. So delicious and irresistible... and so easy. Making mocktails is easy too and it will be fun to get all of the guests involved. Once you have made the drinks, raise a toast to Mummy To Be and her imminent arrival. It is always good to celebrate the special moments in life. And if you don't have space to accommodate all of the guests at the baby shower, why not try our Non-Alcoholic Cocktail class. No washing up later for anyone then! :)

Ready for some fun? :)



Cuddles On The Beach

Cuddles On The Beach is a mocktail version of Sex On The Beach and just as delicious. All you need to do is replace the Peach Schnapps with Peach Nectar, and remove the vodka. Some simple tweaks and you are done...Easy Peasy!

Anything with cuddles are always good!



3 ounces cranberry juice

3 ounces grapefruit juice

2 ounces peach nectar



1} Mix that drink.

2} Enjoy!



This is a delicious mocktail with all of the flavour but none of the rum.  Yum yum! All of the refreshing mint and lime flavour remains-all you lose is the alcohol. Extra bonus is that no one will go home afterwards and have to suffer hangover, so have as many as you like. And you can drive too. We like this plan very much!

Yum without the rum!



12-14 small mint leaves or 6-8 big ones

1 ounce fresh lime juice

3/4 Tablespoon Rum extract

2 Tablespoons brown sugar

4 ounces Club Soda ( You can use Sprite also)



1} Put the mint leaves, brown sugar and lime juice in a cocktail glass and muddle the leaves.

2} Fill the glass with ice cubes, then add the Club Soda and rum extract.

3} Stir to mix up the sugar.

4} Garnish with another mint sprig.

5} Enjoy! :)


Our Mocktails Verdict

Delicious. Full Stop. :0) Make some mocktails for that baby shower now. You won't regret it. Raise a toast to the Mummy to Be. :)

For more details on our Mocktail class, any of our products or ideas, drop us a line at





How The Stars Celebrate Their Bumps

Small Baby Shower

How The Stars Celebrate

It's time to have fun and celebrate the imminent arrival, and here are some gorgeous ideas from some of our favourite celebrities. So many baby showers to choose from and so little time. Baby showers really are just lovely, no matter if you are a celebrity or a scientist! Full of cake, and rain... ( sometimes we are lucky to have sunshine in Ireland!). We know, right. Here are some of the cutest snaps from the stars special days ahead of their little one's imminent arrival. Everyone wants the best for their babies.

One word....Stunning!


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Baby Shower

What a beautiful and summery baby shower! Rosie looked gorgeous in a silk chiffon dress with lace detail, as she chose to celebrate her baby shower in a low key manner with her family and friends at an intimate garden party. A garden party is a sweet theme if you are having a baby shower in the summer. Rosie chose summery and simple decor, much like her dress style on the day, using some simple details such as adorning the guests dining area with fresh flowers and gold tableware. We can't wait to hear about the new arrival! :)

Summer Beauty


Katherine Heigl's Baby Shower

Another sweet celebration...we love this couple! :) Katherine's mother graciously organised a beautiful and celebratory baby shower, and Katherine shared the details of the event on her website, ''Those Beautiful Days''. Check it out-she loves to blog, and there is plenty of Pinspiration too! Katherine was given a voice over the theme of the event by her mother, and chose a Mountain/Christmas Holidays theme. Simple winter white bouquets, rattan place mats, pine cones and naturally shed deer antlers were all part of her baby shower.

Surprise! :)


Tell Us What You Think

We would love to know your ideas, and what you would love for your baby shower. Would you choose any of the celebs ideas?

For more details on any of our products or ideas, drop us a line at






18th June Is Nearly Here-Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day

It's Nearly Father's Day-Yay!

S0, ladies, it is nearly Father's Day, and we would like to help you surprise the Daddy To Be on the day. Sunday 18th of June is the big day in Ireland, UK and the USA. For all those supportive Daddies To Be who bring lots of cups of tea to the Mummies To Be, and take good care of baby too, we have a competition for you. We won't forget the important people in her life, especially when she is going through so much change.

Will you choose the pink prize?


Or will you choose the blue prize?


What's In A Prize?

The lucky one gets to choose from a Pink or Blue Special Delivery Box Set, made by Bluebird Creations, a gorgeous Rubber Ducky Soap, Baby Shower Balloons, and a Baby On Board Pen for all of those reminder notes you need to write to each other. :)

The best prize of all will be baby and mummy to be!


How To Win

To win this fabulous prize, we would love for you to tell us how amazing the Daddy To Be is... Go on, go on, go on! Give a big shout out to the Daddy To Be. :) But don't forget to remember to look after Mummy and little one well, Daddy.  We know that daily life can be stressful enough, never mind when you are also expecting a little one on top of that, so we would like to make it a little easier and add a little joy too.

These little moments are precious


Start Entering Now!

We are all ready to read your comments on our Facebook competition post and we can't wait. :) Yay for all the Mummies and Daddies out there!

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3 More Reasons To Have A Baby Shower

Small Baby Shower

So Many Reasons To Have A Baby Shower

Alright, get planning ladies and gents... (we can't leave out the boys!). There are so, so many reasons to enjoy a baby shower, and we will tell you some more of these reasons now. To begin with, celebrations are fun anyway. I think we can all agree with that premise. Yay for get togethers! They are also such a good excuse to get all of those friends and family together that you haven't been able to see in a while. Life can just get so busy, don't you agree?!

Treasured friendships and memories


Reason No. 1

Memories. What better reason to have a shower than to create more happy memories that can sustain you through the long nights when baby is awake. Memories last a lifetime, so even when the lovely gifts are used, you still have loving moments from your big day to sustain your spirit, and give you strength. Who doesn't love reminiscing over old pictures of an important moment in their life?

Remember the time when.... :D


Reason No. 2

A time to have fun. Being pregnant and then giving birth are stressful events for a lot of Mummy's To Be, and that is when everything is going as smoothly as possible. Imagine when there are complications. It can be good to have a distraction, so take some time to have a break and dare we say it, have fun. :) Baby will thank you for it too. All those endorphins making everyone feel good.

To friendship...we just wanna have fun! :D


Reason No. 3

For some people, they may not have more than one child, for private reasons, and more so, if it was a tough experience. This is a good reason to gather your family and friends around you, in case you need the support.

Where would we be without our family and friends? :)



For more details on our baby shower party planning service,  any of our products or ideas, drop us a line at






Cutest Baby Shower Activities Ever

Head Massage Party 750x422

Never Enough Baby Shower Activities

We're back, with more irresistible baby shower ideas than ever. These activities can provide a break from the norm too. We have had many queries from customers asking us if we had other ideas apart from the traditional baby shower activities, and we love nothing more than to help organise a good baby shower for Mummy To Be and her guests.

Nom, nom, nom!


Bowtie Baby Bib

What a creative and fun idea! It is perfect for a Bow or Bow Tie baby shower theme. Don't forget that you can use bows if you want to decorate a girl's bib. And if you feel like tearing up the rule book regarding these ideas, that's good too. It's your baby shower, so have fun, and make it personal. :) Either way, baby will be drooling in style with these adorable bow tie baby bibs. Starting with a nice clear space, gather the bibs and bow ties, and lay them out on a table, like below. Have a few containers of fabric glue or if anyone fancies sewing, that's fabulous also.  Try to pick various colours, and fabrics in your choice of bibs and bowties for everyone to use during the activity. :)



To bowtie or not to bowtie...


Wishes For Baby

How cute is this! :) Gather some twine or similar material, and stretch it across the chosen space which you are going to use. Attach using blu-tack or something stronger to the wall, if chosen-that's up to you. Ask everyone to cut out animal shapes, or if you prefer pre-cut shapes, you can find them in a children's craft shop. Use any colours you like. Ask all the guests to write their wishes for baby on a animal shape, and using pegs, hang them up on the twine. Voila! If you would prefer to use something other than animals to suit your baby shower theme, then just cut out your chosen shapes or buy pre-cut shapes. Have fun.

Wish upon a star


Baby Shower Activities Verdict

Perfect activities. With a little preparation, these activities will have the Mummy To Be and all of her guests bonding and enjoying the baby shower. They will always be kept as keepsakes, we think.

For more details on our Baby Shower Activity Planning Service, Bow or Bow Tie range, any of our products or ideas, drop us a line at



Top Three Baby Shower Products In May

Online Shopping

Our Favourite Baby Shower Products In May

We are always looking for feedback here at the office in regards to the top baby shower products for the month of May. How time flies! So after checking with our customers, here are the results. :) We hope that you will have fun using these products at your baby shower too.

Goodies galore!


Big Sister/Big Brother Wristbands

These Big Sister/Big Brother Wristbands are a simple, yet sweet gift to give to the sibling to be, as we have all seen the insecurity and jealousy that arises when we feel left out. Once the baby arrives, they need so much care and attention as expected, and to help solve the insecure feelings that arise when all that is happening, provide the older siblings with a role that is important also. They will be happier to help you then, well, most of the time. :) It has happened to most of us as children when the younger one comes along-we can empathise with the feelings that come about as a result of all of these changes. How did your older children react when they had a new sibling?

Age and size matters! ;)


It's A Girl Picks

Another popular item this month, and we can see why. :) Definitely a gender reveal if you only have these at your baby shower, but if you feel like teasing your guests, and making them wait longer, we have them in blue too. They are perfect for your cupcake decoration needs.

It's a girl! :)


Modern Stroller Keepsake Register

The neutral colours in this stylish keepsake register are perfect for any baby shower. So chic! What a lovely gift to present to the Mummy To Be at the baby shower.

So elegant and stylish... :)


Our Verdict

Gorgeous and just perfect for any baby shower! :)

For more details on our Big Sister/Big Brother Wristbands, It's A Girl Picks, Modern Stroller Keepsake Register, any of our other products or ideas, drop us a line at


Here Are More Delicious Baby Shower Cakes

Women eating cake

Always Time For Baby Shower Cakes

If you are still looking for some indulgent and delicious baby shower cakes, we have found some sweet recommendations for you. Resistance is futile. We are so taken with this selection of cake ideas at the office. Whether you are organising a baby shower for your colleague in the office, a BFF or a family member, everyone will appreciate a piece of cake or two, along with some tea or coffee. Here are some plate, cup and other decor ideas too. :)

A good book and some cake, anyone? Yes please!


The Stork Is Arriving

What an adorable theme... We are melting inside! There are so many sweet ways to accessorize with this cake too, and you can always change the colour of the icing to blue or lemon also. It can be a nice way to organise a gender and/or name reveal! Feel free to express that inner creativity. We recommend having a movie night and watching Storks for this theme also. Don't forget those childhood stork stories. :)

Special delivery for Mummy and Daddy To Be. Sign here, please!


Rubber Ducky Cake

Who doesn't love their childhood memories of having a bubble bath with our rubber duckies? Are we feeling so nostalgic now or what... :) We think you are never too old to replicate the memory now. And what better excuse now that a little one is on the way? :D We won't tell! Promise. We love to coordinate this Rubber Ducky cake with our Just Ducky corresponding decor at the shop. Quack quack! Have lots of fun.

Bubble, bubble, ducks and splashes! Have fun!


The Baby Shower Cake Verdict

Get the baker ready, whether it is a family member, a friend or a colleague... You will adore these cakes! :) They are a wonderful way to personalise the baby shower.

For more details on our different themes, party supplies, any of our products or ideas, drop us a line at

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